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Victims to Victory, Inc. 

Helping Victims of Crime 
Move from Crisis to Comfort through Christ

Victims to Victory, Inc. 
is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization. Victims to Victory Inc. provides services without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability
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Victims to Victory and the University of Memphis are working together to study how the sudden and tragic death of a loved one to homicide affects people. We will use the results of this study to help people who are coping with similar losses in the future.
Designed to provide local churches and their leaders with the resources and training to assist victims of abuse within their congregation and community, the Healing Homes training is the product of a collaborative partnership between Victims to Victory, The Healing Word Counseling Center, The Circle of Inspiration and The University of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Preventive Medicine.
Established by former President Jimmy Carter, Not Even One (NEO) - Memphis Chapter was designed to combat gun violence against children.  The NEO-Memphis Program will have response teams to help individuals and communities after a violent death.  Victims to Victory is a key consulting and training partner in this community initiative.  
Homicide Survivors Devotional Guide
Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare - Not Even One Program: 
Are you struggling with surviving the loss of your loved one(s)?  I have.  Soon after my parents were murdered I turned to God for biblical resources to help me and comfort me in my darkest hours.  The Lord provided me with His Word, my prayer-partner, friend, and colleague, June Hetzel, and this devotional project that became a way for me to share my heartache and hope with others who have experienced homicidal loss.  Through a great deal of time and tears, God has developed through us this Christ-centered devotional collection written by Christians from all walks of life who have lost loved ones to homicide.  The purpose of this devotional collection is to draw you, the grieving reader, to experience God’s presence through God’s Word, personal testimony, and prayer as the foundation for the healing process of homicidal loss.
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Request a copy of Hope Beyond Homicide:  Remembrance Devotionals by contacting Victims to Victory at 901-274-6828 or via email at klawson550@aol.com.  Please write the words “Hope Beyond Homicide:  Remembrance Devotionals” in the subject line.  The cost is $10.00. 
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